About Us

About Us

We are a family-run business that looks to share our home and way of life with all those who visit. We have lived in Wadi Rum our whole lives and know every and every special place in the desert which we hope to show you!

Mohammed Hassan

I am the main guide at Bedouin Experience Camp and love to greet and talk with our guests who come from all over the world about themselves and where they’re from whilst we explore the desert. Whenever I have free time I go to the desert as much as possible; there is always something calming about being in the amazing scenery here and even though I have always lived in Wadi Rum, I still find new things about the desert when I explore.


Zwaid Hassan (Hiking Guide)

I am the camp’s main hiking guide and I know all of the mountains and canyons here like the back of my hand! There is something for everyone who wants to explore the protected area by foot and I will make sure that you have the best possible time here. Some of my favourite places to walk and climb through are Jebel Burdah, Umm Adami and Jebel Rum, all of which have amazing routes and views at their summit.


Dahie Hassan (Jeep Tour Guide)

I’m Dahie, the jeep tour specialist at Bedouin Experience Camp. In my opinion, you can’t beat driving in the desert, it’s always a thrill when I can drive around the mountains, dunes and desert plains. On our tours, I’ll be able to show you major sites in the desert including special areas for us to have lunch and watch the sunset to give you a unique desert experience. I couldn’t choose a favourite place in the desert as each area offers something different!