Hello and welcome to Bedouin Experience Camp! We provide those who visit the beautiful Wadi Rum desert with their ideal experience, from tours on jeep, camel or foot to staying in our peaceful desert camp where you can enjoy the Bedouin lifestyle. There is something for everyone at Bedouin Experience Camp and we hope to show you the incredible desert here soon!


Options for Sleeping in the Desert

Sleep in the Camp

Welcome to our desert camp where we can show you the true Bedouin hospitality in comfort and style.

Sleep Under the Stars

There is no experience like sleeping outside and fully embracing the quiet of the desert under the starry night sky!


Jeep Tours

Our Jeep tours provide the easiest way to see the many sites in the Wadi Rum desert. We offer a range of tours, all of which can be customised to suit your needs.

Camel Tours

There is no journey like a camel tour through Wadi Rum! The Bedouin have travelled on these ‘ships of the desert’ for thousands of years and you can experience this unique way of trekking in the desert, seeing the major sites on your tour.

Hiking Tours

The vast desert offers many spectacular locations to hike through and we are happy to help those who wish to explore Wadi Rum on foot. There are also paths to scramble up on some of the mountains in the area that provide breathtaking views to those who climb them.


We invite you to come explore Wadi Rum and welcome you to Bedouin Experience Camp.

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